Water Futures
Exhibition Installation

Water Futures was a year-long research program and design competition confronting the global drinking water crisis. Hosted by A/D/O and curated by Jane Withers Studio, the program concluded with an exhibition featuring the work of nine finalists.

Quasi was commissioned to develop a flexible and cohesive exhibition system to showcase the multi-media projects. Given the nod towards sustainability, our approach was to use a readily available renewable material in the form of cardboard shipping tubes, as our building block.

Each unit, a combination of walls, display tables and shelves, were parametrically configured depending on its location and media.
In the end, our system was sturdy and adaptable enough to fit everything from a 100-lb tile wall to delicate glass water sculptures.
Initial sketches later translated into a parametric 3d-modeling environment and realized using a full-bed CNC
A system of clamping tubes between two rails creates a secure fit and leaves the tubes intact for reuse.

Additional Credits

Installation photos © Justin Ryan Kim, A/D/O
The fountain was engineered and constructed by Ariel Nevarez
With additional help from: Philipp Rockel, Ari Joseph, Sheetal Shaah, Kim Gim, Danny Well, Yuan Xiaoxi, Tyler Pridgen, Eli Velez, Cecile Roca, Jenny Goldstick, Jack Kalish